Sweet V Amstaff's

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RE Shane X Re Sizzle



    AKC/UKC  "Katie"                                        AKC/UKC  "Diego"

 My Bro, Ray Clark & Family                 David Garcia & Family

     Dexter , New Mexico                                      Fresno, Cali.,




        AKC/UKC                                AKC/UKC Re Sweet V Myisha

RE Sweet V's Cpt Sparrow                            Jovon & Family

  Steve Cardenas & Family



              AKC/UKC                                                           AKC/UKC

Sweet V Zilla of Serrano                             RE Wizard of Sweet V

                                                                                                 Phil & Family


Also Inferno Kennels

own a

Brother & Sister from this

litter as well.